Our Roots

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We are driven by a single goal: to do our part in making students start STEM early and understand the opportunities available for learning and competing in STEM.  We strive to build productive relationships and help broadcast these chances and competitions to those who are in or who are going to middle school.


As an organization, we conduct workshops and sessions that are designed to be a catalyst in a student's learning journey. 


Sohil Bhatia

Sophomore at Redmond High School


Hi, my name is Sohil Bhatia. I am currently sophomore at Redmond High School. My elementary school years had not prepared me to grasp new topics in science. Entering middle school, I wanted to expand and develop my knowledge of science to enter competitions, like the Science Olympiad. After hours of preparation, I felt I was ready to compete at a high level; but even with the time I had put in, it wasn’t enough. I won many medals, but not as many as I had envisioned. From this experience, I wanted to create an opportunity for rising middle-schoolers, to give them a boost and a pathway in the STEM world. With my brother, I co-founded Start STEM Early. When I was in 5th grade, I wish I had someone to guide me through the value of each competition; someone who could give me an edge over other students on how to achieve at a higher level in STEM. Today, I am that someone. My name is Sohil Bhatia, and I want to create a generation in which every student is starting STEM early.

Sayan Bhatia

Junior at Redmond High School


Hi! My name is Sayan Bhatia. I am a junior at Redmond High School. Looking back at 6th Grade, I remember having a difficult time with the many STEM-related competitions I was involved with, such as Science Bowl and Science Olympiad. I strived to improve myself that year, but my efforts weren’t always enough. That is why my younger brother and I co-founded this organization, Start Stem Early: to urge young students in late elementary and early middle school to get involved in STEM, through different student competitions. The goal of Start STEM Early is to include all students in teamwork and collaborative efforts in STEM, as well as to make their experience much simpler and easier. I have always been interested in a certain aspect of STEM being technology. I knew I wanted to get into technology when I was in late elementary school, and I hope I see one of the students in this organization discover that too.